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Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a cosmopolitan city that combines the most modern infrastructures and its status as an economic, financial, administrative and service centre with an immense cultural and artistic heritage, the legacy of centuries of fascinating history.
Strategically located in the geographical centre of the Iberian Peninsula, at an altitude of 646 metres above sea level, Madrid has one of the most important historic centres of the major European cities, in perfect harmony with the most modern and comfortable infrastructures, which constitute a complete range of accommodation and services as well as the most advanced technology in audiovisual and communication media. These conditions, combined with the growth of a dynamic and open society, as well as a cheerful and welcoming society, have made this metropolis one of the great capitals of the Western world.

Populated since the lower Palaeolithic, it was only in 1561 that King Philip II made Madrid the capital of his vast empire. The historic centre, also known as the "Madrid of the House of Austria" and the impressive Plaza Mayor, inaugurated in 1620 and one of the most popular and typical places in Spain, are living testimony to the city's nascent splendour in the 16th and 17th centuries.

  • Traditional

    The Traditional assortment is an assortment of time-honored flavor combinations prepared with a distinctive zChocolat touch. From a raspberry ganache covered in milk chocolate to a passion fruit caramel blanketed in dark chocolate, it’s a delicious way to experience the essential zChocolat recipes. Includes pieces 0 to 11 from the Numbered Collection plus...

  • New Year 15-pc

    Enhance the excitement of the New Year. This festive assortment of our 15 most popular chocolates is wonderfully wrapped with a raven black glittered with golden confetti to graciously greet the arrival of 2023 with glee. Relish remarkable recipes from our world-famous Z chocolate pieces to a munificent mix of raspberry ganache wrapped in dark chocolate,...

  • Chinese New Year 15-pc

    Spread the wondrous cheer this Chinese New Year with a festive assortment of our 15 most popular chocolates, decorated to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. This classy gift box comes with a limited edition pearl white sleeve embellished with the Chinese character and drawing of the Rabbit, a tame animal representing hope and life. It is stamped with the...

  • Chinese New Year Chameleon

    Welcome the New Year with a symbol of sweetness celebrated throughout the ages. This naturally elegant, limited edition, artisan-crafted chestnut wooden box, accented with the seal of the Year of the Rabbit, holds 30 exquisite French chocolate jewels handcrafted by World Champion French Chocolatier Pascal Caffet. It is the most majestic way to savor all...

Modern Classic

Home to more than 3 million people, Madrid is the capital of the Kingdom of Spain and an intriguing intersection of the past and present. Although the city boasts modern amenities, it has also managed to preserve the feel of its historic landmarks and neighborhoods. From Europe’s largest royal palace (The Royal Palace of Madrid) featuring more than 3000 rooms and an impressive collection of furniture and artwork, to the elegant 18th century National Library which houses Spain’s national archives, the echoes of earlier times are never hard to hear in the middle of this bustling city center. And with deep chocolate roots (Spanish explorers were the first to bring cocoa from the Americas to Europe), Madrid locals are increasingly demanding the same marriage of modern and classic in their chocolate purchases. By combining the best of traditional French chocolate making with innovative ingredients and stylish packaging, zChocolat has become a favorite for Spanish consumers seeking truly extraordinary gourmet gifts. Recipes developed by Master Chocolatier Pascal Caffet combine carefully sourced ingredients like Kenyan coffee, Piedmont hazelnuts, and Valencia almonds with pure, never blended cocoas hailing from Bolivia, the Ivory Coast, and Venezuela, to create chocolates that are widely regarded as among the world’s very best.

Holiday Gifts Delivered to Madrid

While chocolate is a favorite indulgence any time of year in Madrid, holidays offer particularly perfect opportunities to pamper loved ones with luxury chocolates from zChocolat. Like many other Western cities, Madrid has adopted Valentine’s Day as a signature romantic celebration, and an ideal excuse to stroll down the Paseo de la Castellana hand-in-hand, take in a Flamenco show together, or enjoy the region’s famous cuisine. Gifts from the Romantic Collection, like colorful heart-shaped chocolates and expansive multi-assortments in elegant wooden boxes, add passion to any Valentine’s plans and can be customized with a special image on the box or even a golden padlock with a personalized combination to make the day even more meaningful. The Chritmas Collection is another local favorite, offering zChocolat’s most requested recipes in whimsical seasonal packaging. A 6-day-long flurry of holiday festivities, the stretch between Christmas and New Years is typically filled with family, fun, and, of course, special foods. Whether it’s a gift for friends in La Latina, a treat for family in Malasa, a large party in Salamanca, or any other holiday occasion, chocolates from zChocolat are an elegant way to add holiday cheer. And with fast overnight shipping, France’s finest chocolates arrive at your recipient’s doorstep fresh and ready to be enjoyed immediately.

Luxury chocolate gifts delivered in Madrid

zChocolat, world leader in luxury chocolate gift giving and Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier have been delivering their high-quality and premium French chocolates in Madrid, Spain since November 1st 1999 and have always made a grand and lasting impression with gift recipients in Madrid. Whether you are shipping to La Latina, Salamanca, Malasaña or any of the suburbs, zChocolat delivers high-end & exclusive French chocolates overnight and in perfect conditions.

Refined gifts, exclusive and tailor-made

We have a wide selection of personalized chocolate gifts with the name of your recipient including:

  • Exotic

    With ingredients from around the world, the Exotique assortment is a tantalizing tour of zChocolat’s most uniquely indulgent recipes. Flavors like coconut, lemon, cinnamon, coriander, pistachio, sesame, and violet are expertly paired with classic French chocolate for a collection that is as unexpected as it is exceptional. Includes pieces 12 through 24...

  • Z Chocolate Only

    Amuse your senses with zChocolat’s #1 favorite. Pascal Caffet, world champion chocolatier masterfully combined two of his most popular recipes to create this to-die-for chocolate confection. When you first bite into the Z, a soft, sweet and salty caramel greets your palate followed by a Piedmont hazelnut praliné that perfectly complements the caramel...

  • New Year zBox 15

    With a classy and festive 2023 packaging design, our chic and modern zBox 15 has morphed into a glamourous gift box to celebrate the grandeur of the coming New Year. It holds our world-renowned Traditional Assortment containing our famous Chocolate n°0 to Chocolate n°11 from our Numbered Collection, plus three of our legendary Z chocolate pieces. This...

  • New Year zBox 45

    The modern and magnificent style of the New Year zBox 45 turns this chic and classy gourmet box into an irresistible companion to celebrate the 2023 festivity. Indulge in 15 chocolates from each of our Traditional and Exotic Assortments, plus 15 more popular pieces from our most sought-after Praliné recipes. It’s an undeniably divine and distinctive gift...

Pascal Caffet

All our chocolates are handmade by our chocolate master Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier, with zealous adherence to French tradition: no alcohol, no preservatives, no coloring, high cocoa content, low sugar and 100% pure cocoa butter.

Summer packaging

Thankfully, unique temperature sensitive packaging and DHL Express delivery mean connoisseurs of zChocolat’s all-natural, preservative-free confections can enjoy fine French chocolate anywhere in the world. Insulated delivery boxes keep your gift at the perfect temperature while a reflective outer layer provides additional protection from world-famous rays in Spain.

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All our Signature Chocolates can be delivered in Madrid and at any time of the year with our summer packaging depending on the season.

We also deliver chocolate gifts in the following places in Spain : chocolate delivery in Albacete - gift delivery in Zaragoza

  • Dark Chocolate

    Indulge your dark side with this assembly of zChocolat’s most sophisticated pieces. Each gastronomic gem in this assortment is enveloped in a silky Venezuelan and Madagascan blend 70% dark chocolate couverture combined with exquisitely exotic flavors like velvety Madagascar Bourbon-Vanilla ganache infused with a hint of Provençale lavender, tangy passion...

  • All Numbers

    This chocolate assortment pack is the perfect choice to experience heavenly French chocolates for the very first time. It includes our Traditional and Exotic assortments with our entire Numbered Collection of chocolates from number 0 to number 24 plus 5 legendary Z chocolates. Kindly note that you can customize the sleeve of this assortment pack with the...

  • ZBox 15

    Our signature black-and-white Zbox 15 ballotin features 15 time-honored flavors from our famed Numbered Collection and legendary Z chocolates created by our World Champion Master Chocolatier Pascal Caffet. Savor slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts and crunchy visible bits of California almonds blanketed in 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate couverture from...

  • Ruby

    Share heavenly gourmet vibes with loved ones with this exquisitely finished mahogany box graced with our entire Numbered Collection. Ruby pairs your Traditional favorites with Exotic recipes like the toasted Dutch sesame seeds in a Valencian caramelized almond praliné of Chocolate n°12 to the evocative flavors of pastries and honey of Chocolate n°24....

  • Chinese New Year Diamond

    Designed with the utmost respect for ancient Chinese traditions and showcasing noble materials and design, this limited edition polished mahogany chest, intricately carved with the golden image of the Rabbit, enshrines 45 delectable gems handcrafted to perfection by World Champion French Chocolatier Pascal Caffet. To complete this set, we put in three...

  • Gianduja

    When the most heavenly hazelnuts in the world fall into the masterful hands of one of the world’s best Master Chocolatier, they become zChocolat’s most gratifying Gianduja. Harvested from the unique terroir of Piedmont, Italy, the Nocciola del Piemonte, or Piedmont hazelnut, is the crowning ingredient of this small, sweet, and sapid rectangular truffles...

  • Praliné

    Born from the talented mind of a 17th century French Chef at the Chateau de Vaux-le Vicomte, pralinés, which are whole nuts covered in caramelized sugar, have become a sought-after treat worldwide. We have mastered the art of creating these confections by carefully grinding and blending them with just the right amount of premium cocoa. The resulting...

  • Milk Chocolate

    Our premium milk chocolates begin with 100% pure cocoa butter, pressed from the finest cocoa beans in Ivory Coast. The result is a creamy confection that perfectly balances the sweet and rich chocolate flavor with incredible international ingredients like slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts, unforgettable Italian Gianduja praliné, tasty Spanish-Valencian...


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Custom duties are not applicable since we are shipping within the European Union.

Please note that we do not deliver in Spain on weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) and the following upcoming holidays:

  • 2023-01-01 New Year's Day
  • 2023-01-06 Epiphany Day
  • 2023-04-07 Good Friday
  • 2023-05-01 Labor day
  • 2023-08-15 Assumtion Day
  • 2023-10-12 Columbus Day
  • 2023-11-01 All Saints Day
  • 2023-12-06 Constitucion Day
  • 2023-12-08 Inm Concepcion
  • 2023-12-25 Christmas Day
Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain. Situated in the heart of the kingdom, it is also the capital and most populous city of the Community of Madrid. As the state capital, it is home to most of the country's political institutions, including the Royal Palace, the seat of government and parliament. With a population of about 3.2 million intramural inhabitants over a total area of 604.3 km2, within an urban area of about 6.5 million inhabitants in 2014, including its intramural population Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union, behind London and Berlin.

A global city, it is home to the headquarters of many institutions, including the World Tourism Organization, the Organization of Ibero-American States, the Spanish Royal Academy and the Cervantes Institute. Considered one of the main financial centres in Southern Europe, it shares the status of Spain's economic heartland with Barcelona. It is home to the headquarters of the country's largest companies, such as Telefónica, Repsol and Iberia.
Recent architectural buildings stand side by side with neo-classical buildings such as the Alcalá Gate, Cybèle Square or the Almudena Cathedral. The city of art, its three main museums, the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía Museum and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, are among the most visited in the world. Madrid is home to two of the world's biggest football clubs, Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid.
Close to the Plaza Mayor is the "aristocratic centre" where the royal palace, a monumental 17th century building of hybrid construction between baroque and classicism, stands. Next to it is Oriente Square, the opera house and the modern cathedral of the Almudena, consecrated in 1993 by Pope John Paul II. The Plaza de la Puerta del Sol, surrounded by a varied and selected commercial area, and the "Paseo del Arte", so called because of its incomparable museums, palaces and gardens, complete this monumental complex where the Bank of Spain building, the Post Office and Telecommunications building, and the fountains of the squares of Cibeles and Neptuno, stand out.
Art and culture occupy a special place in Madrid's activities. The capital has more than 60 museums that bring together all human knowledge. The Prado Museum, which houses one of the most important picture galleries in the world, or the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, which exhibits more than 800 paintings from Flemish primitives to avant-garde movements. Or the Reina Sofía National Art Centre, dedicated to contemporary Spanish art, which exhibits works by Picasso, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí and Juan Gris, among others.
Large, well-kept parks and gardens, such as the Retiro Park, a former holiday resort of the kings of Spain, Casa de Campo and Juan Carlos I Park, allow you to enjoy the sun, go for a walk or a boat ride on their artificial lakes, or even feed the squirrels in the heart of one of the greenest capitals in Europe. At the same time, Madrid is one of the most attractive business centres in Europe thanks to its international airport, where more than a thousand flights from all over the world land every week, its two congress centres, the modern grounds of the Campo de las Naciones exhibition centre and the 80,000 or so seats offered by the many other meeting centres.
But if there is one thing that characterizes Madrid, it is its deep and contagious passion for life, reflected in the friendly character of its people. Concerts, exhibitions, ballets, ballets, plays, first films, the best Spanish and international gastronomy, the charm of its bars and taverns, are just some of the leisure options in Madrid. Added to this is an impressive offer of shops and the ability to make purchases in traditional shops as well as in the main establishments of the best international brands.
Madrid's nightlife is also one of the great attractions of the capital of Spain, thanks to the variety and atmosphere of its bars, pubs, discotheques and flamenco tablaos, which can alternate with the traditional verbenas (popular festivals) or the taurine feria of San Isidro, considered as the most important in the world.

Places of interest in Madrid to discover absolutely:

Puerta del Sol

The Puerta del Sol in the centre of Madrid is always full of people. On the spot you will find many shops, bars and discotheques. Near Sol is the Plaza Santa Ana - a beautiful square full of bars and cafés. If you cross the Santa Ana square you will arrive at the "de las Huertas" street, the heart of the "Huertas" district. The "de las Huertas" street is a good place to find different places to go out in the evening or to drink coffee during the day.
Tip: Go for churros with San Ginés coffee chocolate, place San Ginés 5, Métro Sol.

Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor is the main square of Madrid. It is located in the centre of the city, a few minutes walk from the "Puerta del Sol". Even though prices are high in restaurants and bars under the arcades, it's a great place to sit, taste Spanish wine and savour tasty tapas while watching people pass by. Due to its location in the historical centre of the city it is an ideal area to visit monuments and points of interest.

Palacio Real

The Palacio Real is right next to the Plaza España. You can see the court of the kingdom on your left where is the church of Almudena, patron saint of Madrid. You can take great pictures of this impressive church, especially at night. There are also gardens around the Palacio Real and Plaza de Oriente, where the theatre is located. If you continue towards Sol you will find the Opera House area. It is a charming neighborhood, with fantastic architecture and very pleasant bars and cafés.
Tip: the gardens of Sabatini - these gardens are next to the Palacio Real. You can rest between the trees in artistic forms.

Retiro Park

Next to the Botanical Gardens you will find an entrance to the Retiro Park, Madrid's largest park. You have the possibility to take a boat trip on the pond or if you prefer you can also attend a show or listen to music, you will always enjoy your stay. There are also exhibitions in the "Palacio de Cristal" which is located inside the park of Retiro. Tip: Take a Sunday walk in the park, there are many percussionists playing around the pond monument.

The Plaza de España

The "Plaza de España" is located at the beginning of the Gran Vía, it is a very pretty place with fountains and is full of people who walk around.

La Gran Vía

Gran Vía is one of the arguments that makes Madrid one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. You will find everything you want: theatres, cinemas, restaurants, shops, lots of traffic, lights and night activities.

The Rastro

On Sundays, starting at 9am,"El Rastro", the biggest flea market in the city opens its first stands. You will find everything, try to get there early, the market closes around 2pm. At lunchtime, in the nearby streets of Rastro, in Latina, people take a break to drink a beer, have a glass of wine, a coffee or a meal.
Tip: Stop and have a drink instead of Latina.

Campo del Moro del Moro

Somewhat hidden, but really very beautiful, you have to go and see the "Palacio del Moro" at the "Palacio Real". The entrance to the park is "Paseo Virgen del Puerto" (Metro. Príncipe Pío). The colours and magnificent gardens are home not only to a great variety of peacocks that have no fear of visitors, but also to other animal species. Relaxing on a garden bench while listening to the birds singing is a very relaxing way to take a break in this busy city.

The Plaza de Toros

Despite the controversy among young people over taurine festivities, bullfighting continues to take place in the "Monumental de Las Ventas", the largest bullfighting square in Madrid, built in 1931. The bullfighting season starts on the first weekend of March and ends on the last weekend of October.
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